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The former small fishing village has become famous as one of the Caribbean’s best snorkeling spots. Divers from all over the world have Sosua on their bucket list and it is easy to see why.

The crescent-shaped bay in the center of town with its long beach has all year around the perfect water temperature for a  swim or a dive to explore the diverse underwater world.

With its many beaches and thriving nightlife Sosua is popular by both locals and foreigners.

Therefore over the years, it became a melting pot of different cultures starting in the late thirties of the last century when several Jewish families fled Germany and founded together with the Dominicans what is now Sosua.

Restaurants with all types of menus, international schools, and hospitals, foundations to support local children, artists, and even street dogs, tennis courts, gyms, and a synagogue. It is just a small list of everything Sosua has to offer.

If you are looking to invest in Sosua there are many options depending on your wishes: oceanfront condos, apartments to rent out, villas in gated communities, houses in the hills, or land to either construct your own home or project to name a few. For those of you who would like to invest in business, just share your ideas with us to be able to not only offer you investment advice but also introduce you to professionals in our network. We love for you to connect!

Sosua is situated between Puerto Plata and Cabarete on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and just 10 minutes away from the International Airport of Puerto Plata.

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