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We, the team of Colorful Casas Real Estate Group know how stressful selling a house can be.

We want to bear that burden as much as we can for our clients and make the entire process efficient and enjoyable.

Whether your property is a family home, commercial building or prime lot of land, it’s unique qualities should be reflected in the way it’s marketed.

As a leading full-service real estate firm in the Dominican Republic we have perfected our sales strategy to service you. Here’s what you can expect when working with Colorful Casas Real Estate Group to sell your property in the Dominican Republic.  


To ensure discretion and efficiency we prequalify each client prior to showing your property. We then communicate any offer to you in writing and advise you during the process.

Once the offer is accepted we will then handle the initial attorney instructions and assist with any other practical matters, making sure the sale is expertly and efficiently managed.

To learn more about the ways Colorful Casas Real Estate Group can help you buy, sell or rent properties for residential or business use in the Dominican Republic please contact us at or

call +1 829-420-9068 to set up an appointment.

When it’s time to rent your property call us!

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