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Puerto Plata

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 and named the ‘Silver Port’ Puerto Plata is so much more than a tourist destination.

It is home to the famous Brugal rum factory, offers a spectacular view over the area from the top of Mount Isabella de Torre which you can reach by cable car, and has several golf courses, schools, international clinics, and sports- and service clubs a cruise port just outside town.

Puerto Plata is the starting point of many excursions to explore the region's impressive beauty: coffee and cacao plantations, amber stone mines, the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua, Paradise Island, horseback tours, and of course, snorkeling and diving trips.

The center of Puerto Plata is very photogenic with its colored gingerbread-style Victorian houses and fruit stands to buy your fresh coconut water on the go! The central square and surrounding streets have small restaurants, and coffee- and cigar bars, and outside dining here is a must!

At the Malecon, the boulevard parallel to the Atlantic Ocean you can buy fresh fish or join the international sporty crowd for your morning run or late afternoon walk.

The city is a perfect blend of big companies, international hotels, and eco-tourism in the mountains surrounding the town. You will find besides pretty beaches, festivals, and activities year-round, many international artists found their way to this charming city to perform in the Amphi theatre with its breathtaking surroundings. If you have children they will be able to attend bilingual schools and if you would like to open your own business Puerto Plata is definitely a city to succeed.

To invest in real estate Puerto Plata is giving you a wide range of possibilities, beachfront condos, villas in town, or a house in the hills to start a farm, tourism project, or wellness center.

And that’s why Dominicans will say: Puerto Plata has it all!!

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The Malecon has a length of 3 km and offers a spectacular view over the Atlantic Ocean.

Although the city of Puerto Plata formed 1917 a special committee, it was only in the year 1971 that the boulevard officially opened.

You can buy fresh fish at the small fishermen's port, have a drink at one of the small kiosks, exercise, or order a fresh coconut from the back of a pickup truck.

If you have the chance, make sure that you attend a concert at the Amfi Theatre at the Malecon. Many international artists love to perform here because of the unique location.



As a small community just outside Puerto Plata Cofresi earned its name in the late eighties as the gem of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

Just a 40-minute drive from the International Airport and  10 minutes to Puerto Plata, Cofresi is a small villa community in the Atlantic Ocean.

Many foreigners build their dream homes either on the hill side or next to the beach, but all with gorgeous ocean views.

The community has its beach, Ocean World, and Lifestyle Holidays, an upscale tourist resort with many special services for its guests.

Experts state that investing at this moment in Cofresi is a smart move: Puerto Plata is building its second cruise ship harbor in town and Cofresi will definitely benefit from this huge project.

Private properties and larger-scale tourist complexes are both possibilities. We can connect you in this country with a wide range of professionals in project development and the hotel industry. We would be happy to introduce you to the right people!

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