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Famous for its beaches and perfect conditions to surf, people from all over the world come to Cabarete, also known as the surf capital of the Caribbean.

Originally a small fishing village, these days you will find in the streets a crowd of sportspeople, tourists, and artists.

Only 20 minutes away from the international airport in Puerto Plata and nearby schools and an international clinic, Cabarete is now a modern town.

Fishermen bring their freshly caught Camarones, lobster, and prawns to the beach restaurants where you can order your dinner and listen to or dance to merengue music.

Cabarete offers the Dominican Jazz Festival, the Carnaval parade, boutique hotels, international dining, and craft fairs with art made by local and international artists.

Between the hills of the Cordillera Central and the Atlantic Ocean, Cabarete is a small gem with impressive nature and properties in different architectural styles to match your Caribbean dream.

People who like a complete life change will find in Cabarete their new home. Yoga and Pilates retreats, restaurants with vegan menus, eco-friendly hotels, foundations to support the community, and initiatives for a greener future will make you very happy.

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