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About us 


Odile Horjus

Dutch on the outside, and Dominican on the inside is probably the best description of this broker.
Starting her tourism career as a multi-lingual guide in Amsterdam, she moved in 1990 to the Dominican Republic to improve her Spanish.
Working in the hotel industry and aviation gave her the knowledge about investing on the North Coast in the best possible way.
Speaking fluently in English, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch gives her the advantage of dealing with many property owners in their mother tongue.
During her years on the island, Odile built a huge network of professionals whom her clients can rely on.
This year she is the president of Rotary Club Puerto Plata, a very active service club that likes to give back to the community.
Gardening in her tropical 'jungle' is one of this broker's passions, but cooking is even more so.
As the only Latino, this blonde participated as one of the finalists in the first edition of Dominican Masterchef, being part of the most famous international cooking competition watched in over 60 countries all over the world.
She continued as a TV chef for a Dominican international channel and is often asked as an adviser in hotels and restaurants.
She promises, that if you buy a property with Colorful Casas she will cook you dinner!
For tropical recipes!


Zoran Ernesto Grullon

Born in Santiago de los Caballeros, Zoran went from a young age with his Dominican father to watch baseball games where many of the talents were scouted to play the big leagues in the States.

Partly raised in the Netherlands and on the island, he speaks English, Dutch, and Spanish fluently.

Although he loves sports, he trained in rugby, swimming, cycling, soccer, and athletics, you can always challenge him for a game of chess. Zoran understands the demands of foreign clients like no other, thanks to his long stays in both Europe and the US. Trained at his father's high-end furniture store in Santiago, he's the one to come to the rescue for all your interior design wishes or questions about the second largest city in the Dominican Republic, Santiago.

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